Traffic Generation Responsibly

Generating fake visitors can help achieve the necessary traffic thresholds for partnerships, affiliate programs, or advertising contracts. This can be seen as a temporary means to achieve these specific goals.

Sending traffic should be used with caution and only in situations where it is clearly justified and transparent with the involved partners or advertisers.

Legal Notice

1. General Information

This website, accessible at endeix.com, is operated by Endeix,  Your use of this website is subject to the following terms and conditions. By accessing this site, you agree to these terms without reservation.

2. Online Form and Site Usage

This site includes an online form that allows users to submit information, including links, affiliate references, backlinks, or related content. Please note that this form is for simulation purposes and does not guarantee the actual sending of links or other content.

3. Responsible Use

Users are kindly requested to exercise responsibility when using the online form. The site operator disclaims all responsibility for any misuse of the form to send traffic to websites, affiliate links, or backlinks. Use of this form for illegal or fraudulent activities is strictly prohibited.

4. No Guarantees

The site operator does not guarantee the accuracy, legality, or reliability of information submitted by users via the online form. Information on this site may contain errors or inaccuracies. Users are encouraged to verify all information before making decisions based on it.

5. Liability

The site operator cannot be held responsible for false information available on the internet to which links or references have been submitted via the online form. Users are responsible for verifying the authenticity and validity of the information they submit.

6. Changes to the Legal Notice

The site operator reserves the right to modify these legal notices at any time without prior notice. Users are encouraged to check this page regularly for any updates.

Last updated: 09/17/2023